Help & Advice

At the Aiming Higher Centre we have a fantastic and highly qualified Family Support Team. Our friendly team can help families to clearly work through some of the complex issues that parents with disabled children face. We provide a holistic approach to our work encompassing support for the whole family as a unit. Examples of some of the areas of support we can provide:

  • Emotional Support
  • Grant applications
  • Housing Issues
  • Educational, Health and Social Care Plans (EHC)
  • Benefit advice and support to fill in applications

If for any reason, we were unable to provide this support first hand then we would signpost families to relevant services.

Aiming Higher support staff have achieved some very positive outcomes from the work they have undertaken. Some of the fabulous outcomes have included: sourcing grants to fund driving lessons for parents, holidays for families and sensory equipment for children’s rooms. We have supported families on the brink of homelessness to find accommodation. We have provided practical and emotional support to numerous families from the point of receiving the initial diagnosis of a child; through the Educational Health and Social Care Plan and if appropriate the transition into special schools.

If you would like help or you are a professional who would like to refer someone to our services please complete our referral form or call the office on 01253 206447. Thank you.