How to leave a gift in your will

You may not have sat down and considered writing your will. However, it is essential that we take a few minutes out of our busy lives to think about it, to plan and to protect our loved ones and the causes we care most about.

Get Started:

  • Make a list – write down who you’d like to include in your will, such as family, friends and perhaps charities too. You can download and use our simple will planner to get you started.
  • Think about how much you’d like to give  – anyone can leave a gift in their will, no matter how small or large, it will make a huge difference to the lives of the families that we help.

Types of gift:

  • Pecuniary Gift – a specific amount of money, for example £100
  • Residuary Gift – a percentage of your residue (what is left of your estate following other gifts, debts and fees), for example: 5% of your residue.
  • Specific Gift – a specific item, for example: jewellery, antiques or collectibles.

How to leave a gift:

  • Talk to a solicitor – you can find a list of solicitors on the Law Society website.
  • Already have a will?  – You can add a gift to Aiming Higher by using a codicil form